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Yamato Nase Sensei manga ^^

Aaaaaaaah I really want to read the continuation of Kyoushi mo Iroiro Aruwake de ~Saikyou Kyoushi~ uuurgh really pissed off cause the publisher is you know who, aa-aah why our peace day had to be ruined cause of something like that..... Hmmmmm...... ^^

Ah...ah...ah... I really want to read it, cause even though I can't read japanese romaji but from the picture I assume that the story is romantic, cute and hot of course makes my heart thumping "doki doki" like that hehehehe ^^ cause the couple story it's my favorite character fufufufufu ^^

Thanks ^______________________________________________________________________^


What chapter did you last reeeead? (** )
Hi long time no see or talk hehehehehe ^^ sorry for replying now. Ah yes the chapter, did you mean the the last ch that DP releases a long time ago, I had read the whole volume 1 and 2 ^^ and I really wanted to read the volume 3 very much huhuhuhu..... but now I never can't read it, although it's one of my favorite manga, really pissed me off hu-uh.... hehehehehe..... sorry ^^

PS : sorry for my bad english ^^

Thanks ^______________________________________________________________^