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New York New York ^^

Have you ever imagined "Till Death Do Us Part" that's exactly I really felt when I read about New York New York by Ragawa Marimo sensei. When the first time Kain Walker crosses Mel Frederics there's a "love at first sight" that it's really true / real love, when that time the word of "gay" it still taboo in the society so that they have to hidden their relationship from Kain parents cause Kain father is a teacher, Kain father not really shocked and can accepted the way his son being gay but Kain mother really depressed now that her son is gay.

They through a lot of difficult, sacrifice, sadness, tears, and their own feeling but they keep fighting so that they can be approved as a couple. But when Kain mother approved their relationship, Mel feels so glad and accepted into Kain family cause Kain mother now that Mel really love his son with all his heart. They Married in the church, Kain say that "I, Kain Walker, Am Marrying Mel Fredericks" it makes me so touched with Kain words. So they started to live together happily but their problem not just stop there.

One day after finishing clean up the house Mel go out take a walk, when a stranger ask him about time like "what time is it" he's been kidnap suddenly, he didn't think that morning is the last time they meet each other (until Kain rescue him). But before he sudenly dissapeared from Kain he have a bit of time to call Kain and tell him that he's really happy, that's his last word to Kain before he dissapeared, when Kain come home he didn't found Mel he waited for so ong but Mel never come home. Mel been abused and rape by the kidnapper and Kain feel that his half part of soul and heart is missing, he find every way, every thing that he can to find Mel. He become so depressed, sad and even desperate that he cannot find his love.

When Kain finnaly rescued him, he found his half soul and heart back to him again and never let go. But Mel sorrow not stop there, he become paranoid and scared when Kain try to touch him, Kain feel so sad and shocked looking his love being so suffer because of the traumatic, to cure Mel traumatic Kain suggest Mel to consider counseling. But because of mixed situation they decided to leave New York cause Mel traumatic of fear being taken away again makes them to stayed with Kain parents in the country and they live happily.

And the stories that makes me really cry it's from the part after they lived together they adopted a child, a girl named Erica. They tried to raised Erice with full of love, patience, concern and understanding so that Erica grew up become a fine young lady, she know that her parents is gay but she accepted and love them very much, she feels blessed she had two wonderful dad she said. She didn't feel shame about them and she proud having two dad who loved her.

When Mel suffered from kidney failure, when it entered into the final stages, Kain was devoted and spent all his time looking for Mel. Mel also feel ease with Kain beside him. Mel would look at Kain though he were a balm to his soul, they would hold each other's hand constantly.. So quietly... as though he simply fall asleep Mel passed away at age 52.

Erica said "I never Known Kain...Dad to cry like he did then. Before and after, that was the only time", "I cried for Daddy, for the people who loved him. For the kind smile he wore when we first met, that I could never forget and I cried for Kain" she said (I took the words from the manga scanlated by For Gem Box ^^ cause that's the way I want to desribe it). When the time before Kain died, there's a scene that Mel in his young form come to pick up Kain to go together for eternity, Kain Walker died at age 85, he slipped into a quiet sleep.

A words from Kain that recorded by his son in law : "He told me I won't have casual sex that's the kind of man Mel Fredericks was", Kain said his first impression of Mel was "I was fall in love at first sight, Jesus that mus be fate... I thought" (the words taking from the manga scanlated by For Gem Box cause once again that's the way I want to describe it).

I really cried when I read it, it's really full of emotional and have a deepful meaning. This manga describe a life, even though the true love created from the couple of man, but if it's love no matter what the gender... if it's pure and real... I think that's the best true love ever. Gives a very deep meaning about life, love, sacrifice, tears, sorrow, tragedy, suffering, and happines for life.

PS: Sorry for my bad english ^^, I hope you read this story cause it's a great story ^^

Thanks ^_______________________________________________________________________^