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Katou Setsuko Sensei Manga ^^

Fufufufu ^^ I can't stop smile when I see the manga made by Kataou Setsuko sensei manga, I think the stories of the manga is quite natural and filled with the lifestyle of everyday real life, like the two person meet and the fallin in love and then wait for other person to realize the love ^^ but Katou Setsuko sensei drawing the stories beautifully and it touched me ^^ so when the stories sad I feel sad but when the stories full of lovey dovey I feel happy and had a big smile on my face so that maybe when somebody sees me maybe that person thinks I'm crazy or what hehehehehe ^^

I like the series manga very manga especially Otodokeshimasu kyaaaaaa so romantic and sweet cause it's full with sweetness hehehehe ^^ you will know what I mean if you had read it ^__^ and the series of Gundam OO DJ's it's cute, lovey dovey, sexy and hot ^^

Thanks ^______________________________________________________________________^