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Ah.... It's Year 2013 ^^

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 everybody ^^ wouw can't imagined I through a whole year again and it's already year 2013 already wuiiii.... can't realize my age is add 1 year again hehehe.... Thank you to GOD to give me live until now AMEN ^^

So how's everybody doing right now, are all of you still read the yaoi / shounen ai manga cause I'm still reading it no matter what happen it's part of my life, it's my medicine for my boringness ^^ I'm so excited of what's the new yaoi/shounen ai manga that are going to publish ^^ I want to read all of it and enjoy it hehehehe ^^

And...... for complete a good reading I always listen to my fav music, I just bought new ipod nano the 7th generation I guess it's really lightweight, good sound, touch screen and can carry it anywhere with me and I bought the new headphone Bijou from Audio technica it's small, lightweight, beautiful look, bassy and wonderful sound it's match with my ipod nano ^^

And now I want to enjoy reading and listening ^^ I wish you all have a good luck and happiness in this new year ^^

Thanks ^____________________________________________________________^